Swatantra 2014 : Fifth International Free Software Conference, Thiruvananthapuram, Keral.

Swatantra 2014 was the fifth international free software conference event, held in Hotel Hycinth, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Conference started on 18th and ended on 20th of December 2014. Conference was sponsored by the (IC-FOSS). various Wikipedia and opensource developers were participated. The conference was sponsored by the FSF-India, Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore,SFLC.IN Delhi, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, FOSSEE IIT-Bombay, SPACE, DCBB- Kerala University, Spoken Tutorials- IIT-B, IEEE Kerala Section.

Conference started with Keynote Session which addressed by Dr. Richard Stallman founder of the free software movement. Dr. Stallman spoke on the topic “Beyond Free Software”, and interacted with the audience after his session. He talked about Thread, software thread, threat to the privacy and more things. He told someone is keep eye on you or track what your doing it know as thread, it may be site, may be software application.

The next day conference formally inaugurated by Mr. P.H. Kurian, Principal Secretary (IT) on 9:00 am. The theme of the event was “Free Software for a Free World”. Mostly participant were FOSS enthusiasts, programmers, policymakers, business & industry representatives, students, practitioners of non-software domains such as Open Data, Open Access, Open Standards, and Free culture—including literature, music, film, and print media. Event organized on following track of Indian Language Computing; Computational Sciences; Free Culture; Freedom on the Cloud; Free Mobile Platforms; Education & Spoken Tutorials; Surveillance, Security, Privacy and Internet Governance; Mapping & Open Street Maps; Computing for Differently-abled; FOSS in e-Governance; and Open Hardware and Internet of Things.

II was Wikimedians there, We 18-20 Wikimedians attended conference. Conference had “Wikimedia and access to knowledge in India” track. Session started by T. Vishnuvardhan, CIS-A2K Programme Director. He gave brief introduction and status about Wikipedia project, activities going on wikipedia. First talk given by Dr. Netha Hussain (Wikipedian-in-Residence, Calicut Medical College) on “Med-GLAM”. next talk given by Mr. Pavan Santosh and Mr. Rahimanuddin Shaik on Making DLI Accessible. Some talks were given remotely.
CIS booked our tickets and accommodation for event to all wikipedian’s. It was good time with all wikipedian after long time. around 15-20 wikipedians were in conference (Vishnu Vardhan, Rahamandhuni Sheikh, Sudhanawa Joglekar, Abhishek Suryawanshi, Tito Dutta, Subhashish Panigrahi, Pravin, Parveer Grewal, Nisar Ahmed Syed,Abhinav Garule, Netha Hussain, and Santosh Shingare).

End of day we participate in meeting and discussion on current issue, current status of project, and many more topics. all Wikipedian participate in discussion, meeting goes around 2 hours. Really It was good experiences, What I learn in conferences, I will share with other wikipedian.

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I am currently working as research associate in IIT Bombay in education domain with 4 years 1 months of experience. I have experience in Design, development of Algorithm, technical support services, team management and customer interaction. I have a reputation for being able to move into any new area and contribute while contributing in increasing the overall effectiveness of the project and team. I have a technical background for providing efficient supportable solutions.

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